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Summer 2nd Half Term









Children have been thinking about how they can save water whilst raising money for Water Aid.

Year 5 children were sponsored to help them to raise money by turning the tap off whilst cleaning their teeth and having a shower instead of a bath. 



Classes celebrated World Ocean Day and have looked at ways to reduce plastic pollution, including our Year 1 children, who successfully supported the campaign to change the school milk straws from plastic to paper.

Global Goals

Clean water and sanitation


Life below water


The children have learned about the importance of water, both locally and globally.

United Utilities visited school to share the work they do with the children and many children have been out to visit our local rivers.

We have also looked at water projects across the developing world and have raised money to support the charity Water Aid.

Year 1 children joined the campaign for Muller to change the school milk straws to paper instead of plastic.

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