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Maths Statement


At Butterstile we believe Mathematics is an important skill which equips children with an essential set of tools to succeed in the world. These are logical thinking, problem solving and the ability to think in abstract ways.


At Butterstile we believe children learn better through fun, exciting and challenging Maths. We are committed to enabling all children to achieve mastery in the key concepts of Mathematics appropriate for their age group. Children who grasp concepts quickly are challenged through rich problems which deepen their thinking. Children who need more support will spend longer using a range of concrete and visual materials to ensure their understanding is secure. We use the National Curriculum as a basis for our Mathematics and we aim to have reasoning and problem solving as a thread which runs through all our Maths teaching. Also, through our Learning Challenge Curriculum we aim to enhance children’s Mathematical understanding and experience further by tackling real-life problems and examples.

Maths Planning

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