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Safeguarding involves every member of the community. 

Butterstile Primary School recognises that all children deserve the best possible start in life. They have a right to be protected, be safe from harm and well cared for. Butterstile Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children.  We recognise that all adults, including temporary staff, volunteers and governors, have a full and active part to play in protecting our pupils from harm.


At Butterstile Primary School we define safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children as: protecting children from maltreatment; preventing impairment of children’s health or development; ensuring that children grow up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care; and taking action to enable all children to have the best outcomes.


It is a condition of employment that all staff are trained to a level appropriate to their Safeguarding responsibilities. All staff, including temporary staff, receive clearance and their identity verified before working with children.


When there are concerns about a child’s welfare, we may need to share information and work in partnership with other agencies. We will ensure that all concerns are discussed with the parent/carer first, before any referrals are made, unless we believe that such a move may be contrary to a child’s welfare.


If you are concerned about a child’s welfare, please record your concern and report it to one of the safeguarding team as soon as possible. Please do not conduct your own investigation.


If your concerns relate to the actions or behaviour of a member of staff (which could suggest that s/he is unsuitable to work with children), then you should report this directly to the Headteacher who will consider what action to take. If the concern relates to the Headteacher, report to Keith Bardsley (Chair of Governors).


Safeguarding team:


  • The designated safeguarding lead: Stefanie Wilson (Headteacher)


  • The deputy designated safeguarding lead(s): Darren McClean (Deputy Headteacher) and Karen Edwards (Deputy Headteacher)


  • The designated governor for safeguarding: Margaret Wild


  • The designated lead for looked after children: Darren McClean (Deputy Headteacher)
Please click the link below to see our Child Protection Policy:

Bury Encompass Commitment



As part of our commitment to keeping children safe we have signed up to implement the principles and aims of the Encompass Model.


In signing up to Encompass the Governing Body and Senior Leadership Team:

  • Endorse the Encompass Model and support the Key Adults in our school to fulfil the requirements of the Bury Encompass Protocol.

  • Promote and implement Bury Encompass processes and use these in accordance with internal safeguarding children processes.

  • Recognise the sensitive nature of the information provided and ensure that this is retained in accordance with the principles of data protection.


“Learning Together, Growing Together”

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