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Introducing Snuggles the Bear


Every day when I’m moving around school I feel so proud of our children as they show impeccable manners and great kindness to others. For this reason we have decided that Butterstile School is an ideal champion to support the “We Stand Together” campaign, launched by MEN in response the Arena attack earlier this year.

We are going to be dedicating more time to noticing and celebrating acts of kindness in school and we really want to encourage our children to do this too.

On this note, I’d like to introduce you to Snuggles the Bear. He has been donated to school and we’ve decided to put him to good use in leading our Acts of Kindness Campaign.

All classes have been given nomination slips so that children can nominate any child that they feel has been especially kind to them. Each week one slip from all those collected across the school will be drawn, and whichever class the winning child belongs too will get to keep Snuggles in their classroom for the following week.

(We didn’t think you’d want Snuggles in your homes though, he would be rather a large house guest and I’m told he is very fond of mince pies!)

The children are very excited and I’m sure we can count on you to support, encourage and acknowledge all acts of kindness that you see too.

Also a very big thank you to every one of you who have encouraged good school attendance so far this year. For your information we are 1% ahead of last year’s end of autumn term attendance figure.

Our attendance is currently 96.39% so not a million miles away from our school target of 97% and we still have just under three weeks to go until the end of term! It’s fantastic and puts us well and truly on track to meet our 97% end of year target. Well done everyone and please keep up the good work. A little bird has told me that if we do keep this up, Miss Salmon will authorise a prize for all children in the spring term as a thank you and celebration of children coming to school and learning every day.

If I don’t get to see as many of you as I would like to before the end of term, have a wonderful time during our Christmas break and the lead up to it. There are so many things happening in school it’s very exciting.

Finally, please continue to be kind and gentle to yourselves and others at this busy time.


Warmest Wishes,

Helen Roberts


“Learning Together, Growing Together”

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