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The Early Years

The Early Years

The Early Years Unit at Butterstile


The EYU covers the education of children aged 3 to 5 years. At Butterstile, we believe that young children learn best through play. We encourage our children to have fun playing alone and with friends, quietly and actively, both indoors and outside. Through play the children find out about new things, try out and practice their ideas and skills, take risks and explore their feelings. The children learn from their mistakes, discover how to be in control and are able to think imaginatively.


In our EYU the children have the opportunity to play with any group of friends, of any age, and to go to any structured play activity in the two rooms or outside.


During the morning and afternoon sessions we have base times. Children are separated into classes, two reception and one nursery group. They learn to listen and communicate and take part in language, phonics, reading, writing and maths activities. During the school day children will also be asked to work on focused activities with an adult and these will increase as the year develops. The children work and play with all the unit staff.


Our EYU aims to:

  • Create a happy, caring, secure and fun environment for all children
  • Encourage confidence, independence and a desire to learn
  • Focus on the development of every child as an individual, valuing and building on their previous experiences and responding to their individual needs
  • Work in partnership with parents and carers
  • Develop in children, an enquiring mind, an interest in learning and an enthusiasm for the next stage of school life
  • Provide good foundations for later learning
  • Encourage good social relationships, developing self-esteem and respect for others
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