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NURSERY AND RECEPTION PLACES NOW AVAILABLE FOR SEPTEMBER 2018 - contact school office for more details.

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School Online Payments

School Meals, Trips and Extended Care Nursery Payments


School Meals from September 2017 will be £11.50 per week (£2.30 per day).

School Meals, Trips and Extended Nursery Care payments are made using Bury Council's payment website. You can pay online which can be accessed from the 'Pay for It'  link below or alternatively by ringing 0845 3052197. You will need your child's UPN (unique pupil number) to pay online and this can be obtained from the school office.

Free Universal School Meals

Children who qualify for universal free school meals (Reception to Year 2 only) do not need to pay for school meals as these will be provided free of charge under this scheme.
Free School Meal Entitlement and Pupil Premium Grant

If you are in receipt of certain benefits, you may be eligible to claim for free school meals (this is separate to the Universal meal entitlement scheme). Please click on the 'free school meal entitlement guidance' link below for more information.

If you are in receipt of the qualifying benefits and register, your child will also receive £1320 per year Pupil Premium Grant. Even if your child choses sandwiches as a meal option or is having a 'Universal' free meal, it is important that you register your child so you do not miss out on this valuable funding to support your child's education.

Free School Meal Entitlement Guidance

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